Celestron Handheld Digital Microscope Pro Review

Digital Microscope with New Technology

The Celestron Handheld Digital Microscope Pro is not something you would consider perfect but definitely comes close. If you want high-resolution videos and images of your specimens, you can make this as your go-to! It’s also guaranteed to bring you sharper, clearer images courtesy of its five-element IR cut top-notch glass lens.

Among the best things about is its suitability for low-power observations, compatibility to mac and windows. Not to mention, the ease of which you can maneuver it when viewing expansive surfaces. Add the one to one-thousandth of the second shutter speed. Plus, the other incredible features and you have yourself one remarkable product.

“One Of A Kind” Microscope

What makes this product one-of-a-kind? Well, for starters it’s so easy to use. You can take videos and view your discoveries on a completely different level. Experience-wise, because of its 5-megapixel sensor that captures a lot of great videos and photos.

When you set it to low magnification level, you’ll find convenience and ease when viewing plants, bugs, rocks, stamps, gems, skin, and so much more. You can even set it to high magnification level when observing traditional slides. How great is that, right? With grade-a videos, first-rate imagery, and the time-lapse, you basically have all the features you could ever need in a scope.

These features also allow you to be more innovative. Also, it can make observations you otherwise wouldn’t be able to use the regular types of scopes. As for the measurements and note-taking concerns, this product will satisfy your requirements with its intuitive software.

LED Illuminator

The LED illuminator is adjustable and is perfect for brightening up your specimens, making them clear for viewing. The professional stand is completely adjustable and allows for more stability when taking shots at higher magnification levels.

This innovative and technologically-advance device is for professionals who have a particular obsession with detail. Also, for people who want everything to be perfect for their projects. These include medical investigations, quality control tests, scientific research, and other tasks which would involve careful scrutiny of a specimen.

And then there are high-quality accessories that you simply couldn’t do without. The superior, fully-adjustable height stand, the Celestron Micro Capture Pro Software with its measuring feature, as well as the calibration ruler. And this just in! A new version of the Micro Capture Pro Software is now available for download. So, what are you waiting for?

For the most part, a lot of customers were happy with this product since it performs significantly better than the ones without any brand names.

It was even a bit surprising how the frequent users of microscopes found this particular one convenient and very high quality. You would expect these people to have some complaints here and there, something about the scope they do not like, but no, they find the product quite remarkable – and that’s definitely saying something coming from them.

What Actual Users Say

Some people comment on the reflections or “blobs” but this is actually just dust and not a real concern to pay too much attention to.

It won’t take you long to clean it up. Customers who are into knife sharpening also find the scope incredibly useful for their hobby, particularly the checking of chips, scratches, polish, as well as nicks.

You can really consider the Celestron Handheld Digital Microscope Pro as a true microscope. It’s important to understand you are looking at a camera with an incredibly an incredibly high level of magnification. Unlike photographs, the imaging basically processes from the video stream. For those who have been using modern digital cams, they can expect this product to perform in the exact opposite way when it comes to this particular aspect.

There are scopes with built-in thumbwheel adjustments that function to vary the magnification level. This product doesn’t have that; for the most part, it is fixed, except for the software part where you can do some adjustments. The full image is basically the basis for the resolution so when you attempt to zoom, it’s pretty similar to the way you would on a Nikon Coolpix. The camera lens’ actual projection can be adjusted axially using the thumbwheel. Moreover, the housing is used as a fine adjustment tool.

Possible Advantages and Drawbacks

Some customers ended up dismayed by the fact that Celestron’s 5 MP wasn’t much different from the 2 or 3 MP cameras. They found this out while setting up for a higher resolution and finding that doing so didn’t improve the image at all.

Well, good news, because the mistake was on their part – they didn’t actually use a high-resolution screen. However, when they take images with a much higher resolution, they also end up being blurry.

Some of these buyers aren’t actually the most knowledgeable regarding the usage of this product, with most lacking the know-how when it comes to utilizing certain features. It’s safe to say that they didn’t do the necessary adjustments that would help them acquire the best results.

A Few Notes To Keep In Mind

You may want to use the basic 3 MP instead of HD video for when capturing a good image. After you do so, the software will proceed to make use of interlacing in order to fill in the remaining 3 megapixels.

In other words, it needs more than a single frame to create an image with a higher resolution. Keep in mind that “handheld” mode, which typically produces low-quality results for most users, really does make the image blurry. Surprisingly, most of the customers do not entirely realize the full potential of the scope, with the majority not yet testing its true 5-megapixel imaging.

Of course, a lot of individuals agree that this is definitely better than the no-name scopes they previously used in the past. The magnification is fixed and the focus easily adjustable. And this makes it easier for users to set up for their particular way of using the product.

A good idea would be to make the necessary adjustment to allow the focus to fall exactly where you want it to. You can take lots of amazing videos doing all the right things. It’s important to know, however, that the file size is quite large.