Celestron LCD Digital Microscope Review

Traditional to Digital Era

The era of traditional microscopes will soon come to an end with the rise of digital microscopes. Digital microscopes have a lot more to offer and are far more convenient to use. The Celestron LCD Digital Microscope, for example, is one of the top-selling digital microscopes in the market today. It is a professional digital biological microscope with a built-in 5-megapixel digital camera. It can capture high-resolution images that are shareable and transferrable with other people via the internet.

Other than that, it can record up to 30 frames per second of video of the specimen. Although the usual digital microscopes today are highly portable due to their miniature size, the Celestron LCD Digital Microscope still maintains the appearance of a traditional microscope. It has fully achromatic lens objectives and a mechanical stage that is for observing specimen.

The Celestron LCD Digital Microscope Sensor

Moreover, a 3.5” full-color TFT screen with a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor is present in the system to capture and view images of the specimen.

The Celestron LCD Digital Microscope may not be very portable but it works a lot better than most digital microscopes out there. It has an LCD screen that rotates 180 degrees so you can easily share your observations with other people.

If you need to share it to a bigger audience, you can connect the device to a TV or projector for a wider output. The Celestron LCD Digital Microscope is great for the discriminating professional or serious hobbyist. Its state-of-the-art LCD is ideal for schools, labs, and research institutions. It is definitely the model version of a modern digital microscope of today’s world.

What stands out in the appearance of the Celestron LCD Digital Microscope is its LCD monitor. It sports a 3.5” TFT LCD screen with onboard software. The screen on the device can rotate up to 180 degrees. It is not detachable but this is not entirely a matter of concern.

The screen resolution is crisp enough to view high-resolution images. Many of the users are happy with the screen resolution of the LCD screen but some would prefer using the TV output to get a clearer view of the specimen. The built-in digital camera can capture high-quality images and 30 frames per second video recording. The 5-megapixel maximum resolution is already pretty standard in most digital microscopes today but there are still some that maintain lower camera specs.

Magnification Feature

It has a 4x digital zoom with a maximum magnification of up to 1600x. Its rotating objective lens turret 3 lens powers, from 4x to 40x. It already has a built-in measuring reticle for comparing specimen sizes.

Many of the users find this feature very useful in various occasions, especially when observing various specimens at once. Not only that, a fully adjustable mechanical stage is present for an easy slide movement. Now that’s both convenience and functionality. This is one of the reasons why the Celestron LCD Digital Microscope is one of the best-selling digital microscopes today.

There are already lots of positive reviews about the great viewing experience on the Celestron LCD Digital Microscope. It does not get grainy when using the optical zoom but scientists experience less crisp images when using the maximum magnification.

The best thing about the device is it is very easy to use. First-time users will not have a hard time using the digital microscope because it does not have too many buttons or any other parts. It works just like a traditional microscope but so much better in terms of functionality.

Digital Microscope Performance

The performance of the Celestron LCD Digital Microscope is defined by its application. It is very sturdy and portable in many ways.

Although it is not as portable as some other digital microscopes nowadays, it is considered portable in the sense that it can be moved with ease.

The microscope works well in various specimens. The LCD screen is so much better than straining your eyes by focusing on the lens. It is indeed a great innovation for any scientist to be able to take photos and record videos instantly. Setting up the microscope is not a hassle as well.

It comes with a driver installation disc which you will need to set up the device for the first time. The software will be installed in a few minutes and the digital microscope is ready to use.

Using the digital microscope for the first time will not make you feel uncomfortable. It gets the job done and the fine focus is not entirely needed on most occasions. If you will need to use the 400x zoom, you should expect less crisp images as the maximum resolution available on its camera is only 5 megapixels. Nonetheless, the details of the specimen can still be observed on the captured images.

User Experience

Many of the users of the Celestron LCD Digital Microscope are more than satisfied with the product not just for its functionality but also for its affordable price. Most traditional microscopes cost a lot and having one was not as easy as shopping online. With this digital microscope, you can observe the microscopic world without the need to break the bank. Other than that, you can easily purchase it through the manufacturer’s affiliated stores.

The microscope operates electronically which means you will need to plug it to a power source in order for the LCD screen to boot up. Saving pictures and videos from the device is also very convenient due to its SD card storage capability. The package already comes with a free 1 GB SD card but if you need more space, you can always get a bigger capacity replacement. Some sample slides are also included in the package so that you will be able to observe some microscope objects right after you receive the item. The delivery of the item is very quick as what most of the users have experienced. It only takes a few days before you receive your item after ordering, however, the actual delivery time is based on your location.