Koolertron Wireless Digital Microscope

The Basics of the Koolertron Wireless Digital Microscope

People have many reasons to have a digital microscope. Sometimes, some out of curiosity ever since they heard about Koolertron Wireless Digital Microscope. The digital microscope is characterized by being 6.5 inches long and weighs around 10 ounces. But do not let its size fool you. Even with its small size, it comes with a lot of functionality, power, and features. The release of this digital microscope has truly made other digital microscope companies catch up with the competition.

Knowing About Koolertron

Before you ever get your hands on the Koolertron Wireless Digital Microscope, you have to first know what it has to offer you. To begin, it is important that you take note of the fact that Koolertron is a famous company. Since time immemorial, Koolertron is known for producing quality microscopes and electronic gadgets. It has made millions of users happy with the quality of their products.

Just knowing this fast, you know that you will be paying for something that is truly worthy of your money when you get this particular digital microscope and even the other products that this company has to offer you. Both beginners and professionals have claimed to have enjoyed the features that this digital microscope has shown them. 

Three-Image Resolution

Some of the features of the Koolertron Wireless Digital Microscope include having three-image resolutions and being Wi-Fi able. If you are a professional who utilizes this tool to carry out your job, then you can surely make the most of it in your office or laboratory. This is another microscope that is a smart device, which means that you can connect it with your other Wi-Fi capable devices to use it. Whether your device is running on Android, Windows, Mac, or iOS, rest assured that you can pair them immediately to this digital microscope. It has built-in software that enables you to better transmit your images in high-definition no matter where you are.

Compatible with Smart Device

With the use of your smart device like your smartphone, you can record videos and take pictures of your specimens wirelessly. The quality of the images and videos that you get directly from your microscope is also the same as that which you get from your smart devices. Even if the Koolertron Wireless Digital Microscope is not yet able to support all photo and video formats, it is enough to support popular file formats. These include the formats JPG, MP4, and AVI.

Aside from the professionals, children, students, and collectors can also benefit from the use of the Koolertron Wireless Digital Microscope. Basically, anyone who just wants to take a look at things around them under a microscope can greatly enjoy the use of this user-friendly digital microscope. It comes with a lithium battery pack so that you can take it with you anywhere you go.

After fully charging your battery, you can use your digital microscope for up to three hours. If the power goes out, you can have it recharged using the USB cable that comes with your package. You will also receive an adjustable stand from your package.