Celestron LCD Digital Microscope

Top Features of the Celestron LCD Digital Microscope

The use of traditional microscopes is slowly coming to an end with the increasing use of digital microscopes. Paving way for this new breed of microscopes is inevitable because of the many features that they have to offer as well as their being convenient to use. Take, for instance, the Celestron LCD Digital Microscope.

Camera Capabilities

This digital microscope model is deemed to be one of the most highly sought-after digital microscopes. It is a professional biological digital microscope that comes with a built-in digital camera with 5-megapixel capability. You can easily capture high-resolution images using this kind of digital microscope and have them quickly sent to other people using the internet. Aside from that, this digital microscope can also record videos of a specimen at 30 frames per second. The only downside to this digital microscope model compared with other digital microscope models will have to be its size.

Digital Microscope Sizes

You see, most digital microscopes today come in miniature sizes making them very portable; however, this particular digital microscope model bears the same size and appearance of the traditional microscope that you see. Nonetheless, it comes with a mechanical stage and fully achromatic lens objectives that you can use to observe specimens. Furthermore, its CMOS sensor has a 5-megapixel feature while its TFT screen is 3.5” with full color.  These are installed to capture crisper images. 

Let’s Talk About Portability

Despite the fact that the Celestron LCD Digital Microscope is not as portable as most digital microscope models that you see these days, in terms of functionality, it most definitely works a whole lot better than the other models. Its LCD screen is one of its main features because it allows 180 degrees of rotation; making observations shareable between individuals. If you must share what you are seeing through this microscope to a wider audience, you can also do so by connecting your device to a projector or television for a better and bigger output.

The Celestron LCD Digital Microscope works best for serious hobbyists and discriminating professionals alike. Its top-of-the-line LCD works great for a research institution, laboratory, and school use. We cannot deny that this digital microscope model is truly one of the best models. That is within the current market to today.

Using the LCD Monitor

From the name itself, the characteristic feature of the Celestron LCD Digital Microscope that makes it stand out from the other models of digital microscopes out there is its LCD monitor. It has a 3.5” TFT LCD screen that has a built-in onboard software. This LCD screen is already embedded on the device where you can also easily rotate them up to 180 degrees. Though it is not detachable, you should not treat this as a disadvantage. Its screen resolution is very crisp that you can easily view images in high resolution with ease.

Nonetheless, there are still some users that prefer to get the images captured by the LCD screen through a TV output. It has a maximum magnification of up to 1600x and a 4x digital zoom feature. The rotating objective lens that it comes with feature three lens powers ranging from 4x to 40x.