Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope

Top Features of the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope

You might have spotted that the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope is one of the best choices today. Apparently, Celestron never fails to disappoint its avid fans and consumers with its line of digital microscopes. In fact, their optical instrumetns, along with the accompanying accessories, are all too good to be true! And surely, you’ll agree with that in the end!

You may take this an inclination to the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope. But, in actuality, this short view on the instrument is just a note as to what this optical instrument can offer to its users.

And in tackling about the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope, this is actually one of the best products that they currently have in terms of its high-end features.

Why You May No Longer Need The Traditional Microscopes Today

Traditional and conventional microscopes have already proved their worth Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscopeever since their existence. But today, it is not surprising anymore why more and more traditional microscopes are going out of existence. Although this aspect is still debatable as there are still a few features and functions that only conventional microscopes can do, it is no longer a new thing that digital types are more popular these days.

In the recent years, the number of people and individual who utilize digital microscopes is quite increasing. And it is quite apparent that a lot of people are becoming more inclined with the digitalization of these instruments.

The most apparent reason behind this is that the newer ones are more convenient to use. Whether it may be in using the tool or in its actual function, digital types are simply much easier to utilize. And not to mention, they have innovative features that are quite more helpful to many users.

So, it is only fitting that conventional microscope users would be enticed to use and own a digital type. As a matter of fact, even the ones who largely use conventional microscopes do also have digital ones.

And if you happen to still be using a traditional microscope or want to upgrade your outdated digital microscope, then you should consider taking the leap with the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope.

About the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope

Celestron is one of the popular brands in the industry of microscopes. Aside from their quality products, the brand is known to offer innovative solutions. And these solutions are fully consumated in the features and functions of the microscopes.

In this short course, you will learn more about the top features of this digital microscope and why you might need to get one for your own.

Apparently, the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope is a handheld device. So, portability is out of the question when using this optical instrument.

In terms of using this digital microscope, you will not have a hard time keeping it in sync with your smart devices and gadgets. Once you have synchronized them, you can then stream live videos and capture images over the internet. As the name implies, this digital microscope is capable of connecting via Wi-Fi. This means that as long as your devices have Wi-Fi modules, you can easily connect them. Plus, it is very versatile as it can support almost all types of gadgets.

The Features and Functionalities

Aside from the convenience of usage and connectivity, another top feature of the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope will be its ergonomic design. Since it is handheld, you can easily control this digital microscope with just the use of one hand. Your other hand can then manipulate the gadget you have synchronized with the microscope.

Accordingly, you may then capture photos or record videos of your specimen by pressing the trigger found in the digital microscope. Or, you can also tap the option that you may find in your gadget inside the dedicated application.

Basically, this digital microscope allows you easily to share your videos and photos of other specimens to other people that will make the learning experience more convenient and easier.

Moreover, you will see that the build and design is pretty unique in comparison with the other digital microscopes today. It is as if it is not a digital microscope! And as it happens, a lot of users, especially hobbyists and enthusiats, find this factor as an advantage of the product.

So, if you are pretty much conscious about the appearance of your tools and intruments, the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope might be the best option for you!

The Power of Its Magnification and Lens

Having 80 times of magnification power is another top feature of the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope. Although it only offers 0.3-megapixel image resolution at maximum, this magnification power will already suffice. 

For others, they might think that the camera of this microscope is just far too behind from the other digital cameras out there. And this is becase you would encounter a few that offers more than 4-megapixel camera and lens. However, if you look at how its built-in camera actually performs, you will be amazed by its above average quality. And to simply put it, you will still get crisp images using this microscope. In addition, you will not see any dark spots on your images or videos.

In this short video, you will find the actual output that anyone could experience when using the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope:

Syncing With The Dedicated Application

The Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope is very easy to synchronize with your chosen device. Using its dedicated application, you can easily manage the instrument. This application, Micro Fi, is downloadable and free of charge. And you may find it in the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore. 

Once the download is done, the application will have instructions that you may follow. And these steps are not entirely difficult to follow. In fact, you can finish the whole setup within a few minutes. 

You will know that the microscope is already connected when its WiFi LED light turns green. Unlike other digital microscopes, this one has an indicator light that will help you in the process.